In addition to my orthopedic physicians Dr. Parker was a vital member of my Sports Medicine team at All Saint’s Episcopal School.

Kenny Shuman, MS, ATC/LAT

I was suffering from back pain during an intense training cycle and needed to get healthy before competing and in order to do my job to the best of my ability…more

Dane Wilson

Dr. Parker is a great clinician with positive results.  As an athletic trainer, I am always looking to work alongside other health care professionals…more

Alan Reid, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Dr. Parker is truly one of a kind. He has saved me thousands of dollars and not to mention saved me from a knee and shoulder surgery. I am an avid body builder and athlete.

Shawn E. Brogan 

My back pain was so debilitating all I wanted was relief. My husband is a coach and told me Dr. Parker has worked wonders with athletes. Dr. Parker patiently listened, diagnosed the issue, completely explained, and treated me. After one treatment I had exceptional relief.

Becky Boyd Hubbard

I was referred to Dr. Parker by a close friend, Gail Townsend in 2010, because my back was in so much pain, I could not walk without a shopping cart to lean on. 

With only a few short visits, Dr. Parker had completely relieved all pain and had given me an exercise plan to keep my back strong.

Mrs. Jacque Carman

Doctor Parker maintained  my back after I had back surgery 4 years ago.

 After several visits to both repair and maintain my back,
I remain well for some time, but fell on the ice twice earlier this year. 
My physician recommended I see a surgeon for back surgery again.

Keith Carman