Dane Wilson

I am a strength athlete but more importantly a strength and conditioning, CrossFit (GSX), and weightlifting coach. I met Dr.’s Johnson and Parker through a mutual friend in what couldn’t have been better timing. I was suffering from back pain during an intense training cycle and needed to get healthy before competing and in order to do my job to the best of my ability. Dr. Parker’s extensive knowledge of soft tissue adhesions and his thumbs of steel put me back on track to be pain free and feeling even better than I had pre-injury. But the benefit did not stop there, Dr. Parker showed me various methods to keep myself as well as my athletes on top of our game. I sent numerous people that were experiencing the inevitable nagging pains from hard training to Dr. Parker and ALL came back satisfied with what they had learned about their own bodies and the treatment they had received. It is unfortunate that I no longer live in the area to get my regular visits, but I still recommend all my friends and family in Fort Worth go see these two to stay in top shape.

Dane Wilson, Owner of Seaward CrossFit and Seaward Barbell Club