The Upstairs Concept

Hello! And welcome to this awesome journey we are taking in the next step towards creating better movement habits for life! With the available space to us upstairs, we are excited to provide something that cant be found anywhere else. No matter your goal, you can find tools to help you get there in our office.

Things we are going to have:

  • Aquamassage Table
    • You’ve probably seen it by now, but if you haven’t, picture a tanning bed. But instead of UV rays, you get powerful water jets massaging sore muscles and relaxing your body. This dry-water massage will be great for those who just want to lay down and relax from the stresses of daily life.
  • Massage Chairs
    • Top of the line comfort and relaxation can be found in these high quality massage chairs. Fully encompassing you from head to foot, you can enjoy the relaxation of a Swedish style massage, or reap the benefits of a Therapeutic or Sports massage. Whatever your style, enjoy it in zero-gravity comfort of this awesome recliner.
  • Compression Boots
    • Find yourself a comfortable chair or recliner, put these boots on like you would long pairs of socks, and hit start. That’s all it takes to start feeling the benefit of these compressive instruments of recovery. A great option post-workout, 1 hour in the boots is comparable to a full day of rest.
  • Intersegmental Tracton Table
    • Lay down on this table and allow the rollers under the pad to do all the work for you! This option just feels great, and is fantastic in a pinch if you’re feeling like you need a tune-up, but just can’t get into the office.
  • Peloton Bikes
    • The future of spin classes is right here in our office! Jump on one of these bikes and take yourself through a virtual class or even a leisurely sightseeing ride. Top of the line components insure that you feel great from start to finish. A great way to get your blood pumping before a relaxing massage.
  • Steam sauna
    • Post workout, post massage, post anything, a sauna is a great way to put a cap on your day. Relieve stress, relax muscles, and feel rejuvenated on your way out.
  • Self Myofascial Release
    • Vyper foam rollers that vibrate as you roll for increased proprioception and blood flow to the areas worked on.
    • Lacrosse balls for the magic effects of ischemic compression on tight knots in your muscle.
    • TRX bands provide a great option for stretching or strengthening, depending on your goals.
    • Power bands to achieve a deep stretch, and focus on areas that may need mobility improvement
  • Entertainment
    • Noise cancelling headphones to enjoy your compression or massage in peace
    • TV’s mounted on the wall to watch the game in style
    • Magazines for your reading pleasure
    • Snacks and drinks available for purchase

Things we are considering:

  • Cold Tub
    • A single-person ice bath, without the ice. Many people enjoy a quick plunge in a cold tub to really excite their system and prepare them to dominate their day. Excellent when paired with the steam sauna!

What we need from you:

  • Your Input!
    • Tell us what you think! Do you like the idea? Great! Why? Do you hate it? Okay! Tell us why.
    • Is there something you think would be cool to have, but don’t see on the list above? Let us know! This is a functional addition. And we want it to grow with our ideas and desires, and those of our patients.
  • Your Reservation
    • If you know that you for sure want a spot in this awesome space we’re creating, tell us so that we can save your spot! We’re only opening up 50 invitations at first. And they’re going to fill up fast!
    • Click here to enter your name, email, and Credit card info. Fill out the boxes, and hit submit to save your place.
      • NOBODY will be able to see this information. 
      • There will be NO CHARGE to your account until we have notified you, and let you know the space is available for full use.
    • This just lets us have a definitive list to work with, and this is the master list that will ultimately determine who gets their spot. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the office and we can enter this information manually for you.


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