And welcome to this exciting journey. If you’re here we must say thank you, because that means that you’ve made an incredible impact in our lives here at Move over the last decade of serving the community. And now we want to show our thanks! We are doing so, with the upstairs renovations.

This site serves to provide an all-inclusive portal on the happenings surrounding the upstairs renovations. If you look to the top of the page, you will find a few important links. All contain information swirling about the happenings with the upstairs work. One key post to take note of is the “Upstairs Concept” post. This post includes a rundown of everything you can expect to see with our lounge.

If you wish to sign up and reserve a spot, please vist the Sign Up Page to opt in to the Recovery Suite. So, to make sure you get your spot saved, be certain to fill out the required fields, and stay tuned for a confirmation email! Once you get this email, you are on the list!

Then simply, sit back, wait, and prepare to enjoy everything we have in store for you upstairs.

We love you guys and gals, and we cant wait to hear what you think!